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Hunting scenes, decorations and rifles of various types.

Capturing the Moment

The Process of Memorializing the Hunt

Creating a beautiful engraving composition for a fine gun requires careful planning, especially if the client requires a masterpiece! 
For the purpose of this exploration we will assume the client wants to capture the full character of a beloved bird dog and the days they spent together hunting in a true depiction.

The Book

Giancarlo & Stefano Pedretti Master Engravers

Giancarlo & Stefano Pedretti are unique father and son team of master engravers whose work embodies the true essence of the term “Hunter Artisans”. From their Studio in Gardono Val Trompia, they create modern masterpieces, completely by hand, for those who desire the very best in ornamental and game scene engravings…

The Process

Step one - Concept

Riproduci video

The process begins with a meeting with the client in order to get to know their needs and experience.
Here Stefano will gain an understanding of where they hunt and often see pictures of the client’s dog and hunting experiences. It is important to establish a clear understanding of the natural environment in order to create total realism. Even the weather encountered during the hunts can be detailed.
Typically, the engraving is to be done on a best quality sidelock shotgun. This allows three game scenes to be created. Stefano and the client discuss ideas fot the different game scenes as well as the type of ornamentation to be used to fram them .

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