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Some creations realized by Giancarlo and Stefano Pedretti.
Giancarlo Pedretti, like most of the Italian engravers, was born and bred in Gardone Val Trompia a nice town in Brescia surroundings. He is still living and working in this same village. As an engraver, his experience goes back many, many years and he feels very much part of the new generation of engravers, let's say those who have been able to improve certain engraving techniques that, 10 years ago, would have been thought impossible.

Giancarlo was sixteen when he started his career and, discovering that he was pretty good draftsman, was able to use this special gift in the engraving department at the Beretta factory where he worked for many years. Giancarlo was able to learn from master engravers such as Tononcelli and Baglioni. He was able to absorb the cultural evolution and the engraving techniques that, over the years, had become so much more advanced and sophisticated.

e has been working for himself for many years and has engraved some of the best Italian and English guns.
Giancarlo was lucky to have a son, Stefano, who studied at the Brescia School of art. Stefano has been working with his father for the past six years and is specialized in hunting scenes, animals, birds, etc. using the burin technique.

Giancarlo is one of the rare engravers who has an "all round" experience in the engraving field. He is specialized English scroll, hunting scenes, rich ornamental scroll, working in burin style or with hammer and chisel. His scrolls are clean and sharp, even if highly elaborated and shaded whereas his son, Stefano, thanks to his fine ability, is able to create beautiful effects of shadings in such a way that the animals appear to be alive.

Giancarlo and Stefano Pedretti.
Putting together the experience and perseverance of Giancarlo with the ability and energy of Stefano, you will be able to observe a certain magic in their works.
The creation of an engraving starts with the actual customer who transmits his desire and, guided by Giancarlo and Stefano, is able to see his desire come true. Sometimes, for complicated scenes, it is necessary to do initial drawings to be able to have a final combination. Bear in mind that is one thing to do a drawing on a piece of paper, and another to engrave on a limited space of hard steel where it is not possible to make any corrections.

Giancarlo and Stefano work with a magnifying glass that manifies ten times and which allows them to do micro engravings and final touches. Furthermore it allows them to create light and shade and work that needs an incredible amount of patience.
Their best works can then be photographed and also enlarged to enable a viewing of all the minor parts.

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